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Light Steel Frame and Timber Construction

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Light Steel Frame – We are developing our own range of locally manufactured connectors for the Light Steel frame market, a Tension Tie down is a tie down bracket that comes complete with a screw bolt as well as screws to fix onto your light steel frame uprights where there are shear walls. We also offer tie-plates, triple grips from Simpson Strongtie as well as a quick-brace that replaces strap and tension ties for bracing of roofs, floor joists and wall panels.

We have a 100mm joist hanger in our product range for fixing light steel frame mono-pitch trusses as well as floor joists in between walls.

Our fastener range covers the complete range of screw fasteners for building a light steel frame building these include, wafer tek screws, hex head screws and wing tek screws for boarding of fiber cement board. All screws can be supplied in class 2,3 and 4 as well as bi metal stainless steel.

We offer a Senco automated fast drive automated tool that comes in a battery-operated system for boarding applications the screws that are offered are wing tek self drill screws as well as decking screws.

We have a complete range of screw bolts as well as chemical anchors for fixing down the frames around the building as well as large round and square washers to fix your anchors down.

Timber Construction – Vormann is a high quality German product that offers solutions to the timber home builder as well as other timber construction Industry, we have a range of hangers joiner plates footing brackets and a complete range of angles and brackets to use in the construction of timber structures.

Rawlplug RCS structural timber screws offers us a range of structural timber screws that are used in Timber roof and timber home construction, Wolfpro Services is the Local engineers that have assisted in the design application for the screws on various timber truss applications, they are the top timber truss screw application designers in South Africa and are able to give all the technical support that is required when using the Rawlplug RCS screws on your project.

Rawlplug Decking Screws area available in a mechanically coated as well as stainless steel from 4mm-6mm in various lengths.

We have a range of Simpson Strongtie Decking screws that can be used in hardwood decking that ensure that the timber does not crack when installed they are available in galvanized and stainless steel.
Senco also offers a range of Decking Screws that can be used with the battery automated Screw gun, please see our product listing for the sizes that we have available.

Rawlplug has a gas a mobile gas nailer that can be used for nailing timber frames together as well as fixing of fiber cement boards to timber, there is also a nailer available for fixing of all types of timber connectors with a range of ring shank nails for this application.

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