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Hand Tools, Drill Bits and Abrasives

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We have a full range of hand tools available from INGCO that are used in many industries.

Our hand tool range covers all tradesman with the following Tools.

Screwdrivers, Pliers in various combinations, Shifters and Wrenches, Hammers, Wood Chisel Sets, Files and Rasps, Handsaws, Hack Saws, Jigsaw Blades, Knives and Blades, Staple Guns and Staples, Builders Tools, Plumbing tools, Soldering Irons, Vice clamps, Wire brushes and Wheels, Wire Stretches.

We are also distributors for the Cromwell range of hand tools as well as machining tools, please request a Cromwell catalogue for you to see what we have to offer.

We also do a full range of measuring tools from Kapro which include Tape Measures, Straight Edges and Squares, Gauges and Indicators, Micrometers, Verniers, Marking Tools, Stencils and Levels.

We offer the Kapro range of Laser Measuring Equipment as well as Rotating Lazer’s for internal measuring applications such as ceilings and boarding.

Abrasives– Bulldog Abrasives is our abrasives partner that offers a full range of Abrasives for all applications in the Steel construction Industry from cutting and grinding to polishing of stainless steel, the range also offers a full range of Automotive repair products which includes spraying and polishing equipment, Bulldogs offering also includes a glass polishing system to polish deep scratches out of glass.

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