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Concrete and Plaster Repair

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Epoxerite is a proudly South African company that manufactures Grouts and epoxy’s for the repair and strengthening of Concrete, we are happy to be in Partnership with them to Supply the correct products required for the South African construction Industry, the range of add mixtures and anchor grouts and repair epoxys consist of the following products Non Shrink Grouts, Super-flow Non Shrink grouts, Wet to Dry epoxy’s, Crack repair grouts, super patch repair fillers; Bedding Grouts, Anchor Grout for balustrades and Glass, Fairing Coatings, Lock, Shutter Oils.

Mega-Crete is a Plastering product for us on bricks, Plastering Fiber cement board and skiming of Gypsum board and also used for flush plastered ceilings it is also suitable for plastering of wet areas as well as plastering of exterior walls.

Cem Gripis another proudly South African product it is a plaster lock bonding agent that used on all construction sites for locking of plastered area as well as used as a bonding agent onto all plaster surfaces including gypsum board and fiber cement boards, it can also be added as an ad mixture to plaster cement as well as a waterproofing and bonding agent for tile adhesive.

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